Success is essential to many. But what does it mean to be successful? And what are the qualities that define a successful person? There is a lot of material in books, on websites and in online videos that define the traits of successful leaders, of successful artists and of other successful people. Very few online spaces bring together the different perspectives on what it means to be successful and allow individuals to interpret the differing views enabling them to internalise their own definition of success.

For example, it is a widely held view that successful people are resilient. But what does it mean to be resilient? The meaning of resilience is different for different people. There are a lot of books and online sources that describe the “hacks” to improving resilience, very few sources help people decide what resilience means for them.

I plan to create a site that takes, in turn, each widely accepted characteristic of success, such as resilience, and ask leading individuals within their fields on what their personal definition of that characteristic is. This should allow people to develop their own individual definition what it takes to be successful.


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