Deepak Malhotra

I am a successful management consultant, father, husband, son and brother. The idea of “traitsofsuccess.com” came to me during the summer of 2019, when I took some time to recharge my batteries. During this time, I realised the extent to which people within my network are instrumental to my success. Colleagues, Friends, Managers, Family and Acquaintances, have in the past and continue to in present day, provide me with perspectives, insights and guidance essential to my professional and individual growth.

Books, articles and periodicals are also a tremendous source of insights for personal growth. However, I have always found that experiential insights shared with people within my network, over a conversation, tend to have the greatest impact on me. I have also found that by gaining wide ranging perspectives on areas of personal growth from multiple people within my network, has allowed me to better develop my personal definitions of success.

Through “traitsofsuccess.com” I am attempting to help people better clarify their personal definition of success and to help them better define their personal traits of success.

I hope to spread positivity and success for people through “traitsofsuccess.com”. I will love to hear your feedback, please email me on deepak@traitsofsuccess.com.

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